Friday, August 31, 2018

Santa fe juice

I drove by this place and it was so open and bright and people were outside so I stopped and left with a juice. A big sidewalk sign outside the already welcoming fa├žade of Santa fe Interprices on William Street in Newburgh draws people in with juices, ice cream, and milkshakes. Also on the menu is the Central American specialty horchata, a pale rice-based protein drink with cinnamon and morro seeds. I picked up a mango-guava juice. Another popular juice variety is blackberry or strawberry with chia seeds.

The restaurant is connected to a grocery and is run by Honduran proprietors Jorge and his father who opened the establishment 5 years ago. They specialize in foods from Central America especially rice, beans, cheese, and bread. Friday feature chicken and pork tamales. Interprices is open 7 days a week and opens early and closes late.

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