Friday, March 31, 2017

Himalayan understanding

I got out of the Hudson Valley for a day. Since learning about the Rubin Museum a few months ago, I wanted to take a trip. This museum in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood celebrates the culture of the Himalayan region and its neighboring countries. Current exhibits profiled the significance of seasons and weather patterns, as well as introduced visitors to the concept of Om.

Nepal’s geography is diverse. This country in South Asia has arable plains, forested hills, and is the home to almost all of the world’s tallest mountains including Mount Everest. The Rubin’s exhibit Nepalese Seasons: Rain & Ritual connects its seasons and weather events with ancient deities and festivals that honor the the cyclical weather.

Another exhibition is Om Lab: Offer Your Voice which introduces visitors to the sacred sound of Om, which is over 3 thousand years old and believed to contain the power of all other universal mantras. The public can enter an on-site recording booth to easily record a sound of their own to contribute to what will be the largest collective chant of Om.  

The museum has a restaurant and shop. Rubin visitors can schedule their trip to coincide with the museum’s calendar of films, concerts, and on-stage conversations, Admission is free on Fridays from 6-10pm during K2 Friday Nights along with café drinks specials, a DJ, and an ethnic tapas menu. Besides regular daily tours, the museum offers Mindful Connections tours for visitors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, along with their caretakers. Attendees enjoy complimentary tea at the café and a program designed to engage them with the displays and with the group. 

Rubin Museum:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Juice trip

With springtime I’m renewing focus on my health. It’s easy to feel bombarded with supplement suggestions during online research, but I want to experiment with nutrition in whole foods first. I’m exploring sources of protein other than meat and was amazed to learn that 1 cup of the Greek yogurt that’s in my fridge provides 46% of my protein needs. I’m also incorporating more nutrient-rich vegetables like beets and carrots.

My coworker Luisa and her husband just opened a juice bar so I made the trip with my cousin last weekend. PK Blendz, on Main Street in Peekskill, has a colorful smoothie and juice menu. Choices range from the super fruity PK Classic (kale, banana, mango passion fruit) to the earthy PK Green Tea (grapes, spinach, avocado, green tea and honey).  They were on the verge of serving the PK Vegan Burger made of black lentils, black quinoa and sweet potato. I never liked sweet potatoes until I learned about their health benefits earlier this year. I’ve been incorporating them in sweet potato falafel sandwiches.

It's exciting to see yet another small business grow and succeed--especially one with a focus on health.