Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Surface shapes

Hudson Valley photographer Lonnie Schlein is famous for his images of presidential elections, celebrities, and the September 11 attacks. At the Lonnie Schlein Photography Exhibition last month I knew we would see images of poverty-stricken nations and President Obama’s inaugural celebration, but one particular photo was different. The bubbly orbs in his Strange Shapes image are a subtle but familiar sight in rural Cuddebackville where I grew up.

They foamy shapes form on the surface of a calm section of the Neversink River under a bridge on Paradise Road. His downward angle yields the same view as when we threw stones or dropped fishing lines from the bridge. Schlein was our neighbor and I’ve known his family my whole life. I honestly can’t think of which memory came first: Lonnie or the river shapes.    

Schlein’s exhibit was at Roost Studios & Art Gallery in New Paltz. The center offers Tai Chi and KUNG FU classes, drawing classes, poets groups and more.

Roost Studios & Art Gallery: www.roostcoop.org

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