Friday, December 16, 2016

Color pass

Every day my commute to work takes me twice through the South Street underpass in Newburgh. A spot that would otherwise be nothing special to write about, the arch received a colorful makeover in 2012. A stunning 7,500 square foot mural by Chilean-born painter Francisco “Dasic” Fernandez covers not just the walls, but also the ceiling and outsides of the structure. Transformation depicts how the human spirit is both shaped and shapes the environment. The piece is part of the Newburgh Mural Project, a public art and education program to develop murals within Newburgh and incorporate young artists into city revitalization. Other works by Fernandez in the Life on Colors series are Transcendence on the South Wall of the Ritz Theater, Roots on Chambers Street, and Legacy on Colden Street near the Hudson River.  

Fernandez has completed murals worldwide from Chicago to Rio de Janeiro. His work largely appears in blighted urban areas and focuses on renewal and incorporates historical details of the area.  

Newburgh Mural Project: