Friday, April 15, 2016


“Half an hour in a spring evening is worth a thousand gold pieces.”
-Japanese Proverb

Traditional Chinese medicine incorporates the element of wood into springtime health regimens. It’s used by practitioners, and the other elements of fire, earth, metal and water, to promote healing with food, herbs and acupuncture points. This year’s season of regeneration was particularly welcome. We didn’t have much snow this past winter, but frigid temperatures and freezing rain followed us until almost mid-April. Interspersed were a few days of 50-degree weather which prompted spring buds to come out only to soon be covered in ice.

Many Hudson Valley parks begin their warm weather season in April and May, and galleries extend their hours as well. The season is a pleasant change and brings motivation. The Hudson Valley has definitely seen worse winters, but that doesn’t make this particular spring any less deserved.    

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