Monday, October 5, 2015

Opened spaces

Imagine, if you will, your favorite artwork. Maybe it’s a VanGough print in the bathroom, a gifted wooden bowl holding keys by the front door, or a house and tree and sun finger painting on the fridge. Have you ever wondered where it was made? Unless it was created by someone you know well, its origin and even the artist may be a mystery.

The last month in September is Newburgh OPEN Studios. Founded and organized by Newburgh Art Supply owners Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor, this annual weekend-long event connects the City’s creative minds with curious art lovers. It is free and self-guided. Participants pick up a map at Newburgh Art Supply on Grand Street and set out to meet over 50 artists in various studios.

First stop is the art supply store itself which houses the studio of founder Gerardo whose works comprising Drawing Spirits: anointed sorcerer burns appartitions on paper were featured. He explained his process to visitors—using metal and heat to brand marks onto paper, some being life-size outlines of himself adorned with detailed symbols.

This year’s mediums included painting, performance, collage, sculpture, book binding, photography, sound, weaving, assemblage and vellum. One woman worked with encaustic paint, a beeswax-based substance which is heated and applied. Many artists had pieces for sale and I took home one of Gerardo’s smaller prints. He signed the picture and now it sits in my bedroom in a tall floating-style frame.

“Newburgh OPEN Studios, celebrating its 5th year, is a direct manifestation of our mission to foster artistic expression, civic participation and the economic growth of Newburgh’s diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture by supporting the livelihoods of working artists in our region. Therefore, NOS will continue the tradition of presenting the Fall tour the last weekend of September.” -Gerardo Castro & Michael Gabor

Newburgh OPEN Studios:

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