Friday, April 3, 2015

Molten colors

The things made from the material we know as glass can be functional, decorative, both, or neither. Whether you like it in the shape of an autumn pumpkin, or twisting into a spiral and holding live plants, or simply sitting by the sink seating a bar of soap, you'll find that and more at Hudson Beach Glass.

The company's gallery and glass blowing demonstration studio are open to the pubic in a restored firehouse on Main Street in Beacon. Visitors can enter through the two-room gallery or around the side into the studio. The furnace, with a working temperature of 2050 degrees, keeps the studio toasty but comfortable, and you can view every step in the creative process in the studio's open area.

A display in the studio gives visitors some interesting facts about glass-making. Most of us know that glass is made from sand. Can you believe finished pieces take at least 12 hours to cool? Or that all tools are made from stainless steel or wood which are poor conductors of heat? The gallery offers jewelry, plates, soap dishes, candle holders, and you can find a schedule on classes on the website.

Though the studio is open every day, a good time to visit might be during the City's regular Second Saturday event. This city-wide celebration of the arts happens on the second Saturday of every month and visitors can enjoy events and music as galleries, shops, and restaurants stay open until 9pm.

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